Parish Staff

Parish Staff

Main Parish Phone Line: (949) 249-4091 Fax (949)249-4094


Reverend Monsignor John Urell
ext. 105
Priest in Residence:
Reverend Craig Butters

Faith Formation: Direct Phone Line (949) 495-4126


Tiny Tim’s Coordinator:
Andrea Marian


Elementary School Coordinator:
Valerie Skaare
Director of Catechetical Ministries, Middle School Coordinator:
Marya Wallace
Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries:
Matt Zemanek
Direct Line (949) 973-9021
Administrative Assistant for Faith Formation:
Joan Jimenez

Administration: Main Line (949) 249-4091

Parish Business Manager:
Beverly Fisher
ext. 112
Facilities Manager:
Rick Kisow
ext. 113, Direct Line (949) 973-9022
Angel Parish Office Manager:
Steven Angel
ext. 101


Director Music Ministry:
Bob deCarlo
ext. 114, Direct Line (949) 249-4093

Community Outreach and Liturgical Ministries:

Coordinator of Outreach and Liturgical Ministries:
Sally Hotchkiss
ext. 126, Direct Line (949) 249-4096

Custodial Staff:

Rey Aquinaga
Sheldon Lezama