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Catechetical Sunday 2021

Say the Word and My Soul shall be Healed

This Sunday is the annual celebration of all who serve as catechists in the Church in the United States.  The theme chosen by our bishops for this event is “Say the Word and my Soul shall be Healed”.  These words are taken from the Gospel of St. Matthew 8:8. A Roman centurion had just asked Jesus to come and to heal his servant and Jesus responded that he would come.  The centurion then spoke the words “I am not worthy that you would come under my roof, say but the word and my servant shall be healed.”  An incredible affirmation by a pagan of the power of Jesus!  And, as we know, the servant was healed.

I think this is a wonderful theme for our Catechetical Sunday and for the annual blessing and commissioning of catechists here in our own parish.  We are so blessed with women, men, and young people who step forward and offer themselves to share their Catholic faith with others.  They give of their time and their study, their talent and their heart, and they give in such a manner as to inspire others to follow Jesus within His Church. 

As one who was a student in faith formation classes (used to be called CCD), I have learned to never take the role of catechists for granted.  Oftentimes they come in directly from work, or from getting a quick dinner, and with their preparation and willing smile, they encourage, teach, and give example of what it means to follow Jesus.  They have experienced the healing power of Jesus in their lives and they willingly give a human face to God and our Church week after week.  Thanks be to God for them.

Grateful to our catechists, we will commission them at the 11am Mass on Sunday, and then they will have a brunch and retreat here.  Please thank God for them and keep them in your prayers.  And always remember the truth behind the words we say at every Mass: “say the word and my soul shall be healed”.

Monsignor John Urell