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Fr. Patrick Moses

“Sell your belongings and give alms.”
(Luke 12:33)

In today’s gospel reading Jesus challenges us to give alms.  In our Catholic tradition we are called to tithe 10% of our money back to God.  This tithe is meant to support the church in its Christian ministries.  Almsgiving is something different.  Almsgiving is specifically giving money, goods or other items to serve the poor.  Are we generously giving above and beyond even our tithes to serve those in need?  God has blessed many of us with various resources and he blesses us with these great gifts so that we can use them to serve others. 

At St. Timothy, we provide two opportunities to give alms to the poor:

 St. Timothy Conference of Saint Vincent de Paul helps anyone living in Laguna Niguel and Aliso Viejo who may be experiencing difficulty in meeting living expenses, or homelessness. Consider a donation to the  St. Timothy Conference of St. Vincent de Paul and assist those in need in our community.  There is a QR Code in the bulletin for you use to donate to their Pay Pal account. In addition, envelopes are placed by the church doors once a month that you may use to make a donation. 

St. Timothy Food Pantry provides food every Monday and Wednesday morning to those in need. Look for the Food Pantry space in the bulletin where you will find a list of specific items they need every week.  The Food Pantry appreciates all nonperishable food and toilet paper donations that may be placed on the Food Pantry cart all week long.  They serve approximately 120 families each week.

These are just two opportunities we have to give alms to the poor here at St. Timothy.  In addition there are many other worthy organizations in around Laguna Niguel and Orange County that give us the  opportunity to serve those less fortunate.

Have a blessed week and God bless all of you.

With my love and prayers.

Fr. Patrick