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I have experienced myself and heard from so many folks about all of the trials we have faced in this COVID time of life. In fact, there are a litany of complaints that each of us has; and sometimes we sort of wallow in the struggles, disappointments, confusions, and inconveniences that we are experiencing. Lately I have been asking folks about the blessings they have experienced in the past 8 months. It is amazing to see faces light up as people begin to talk about some surprising development of family and personal relationships, new talents and hobbies that have been enjoyed, and in many cases, a deepening relationship with the Lord and dependency on God’s providence. And so, if I might suggest, why not take time at this Thanksgiving to once again focus on the blessings and offer thanks to God from whom all blessings flow! Family conversations will be much more enjoyable and life giving by focusing on blessings this holiday.

Here is a Thanksgiving Prayer that was recently sent to me. Perhaps you might use it on Thanksgiving Day:

Lord, thank You for this special day when we bow our heads in thanksgiving
and consider our many blessings.
We thank you for our health, and our homes,
and the beauty all around us.
We thank you for answering our prayers,
and for knowing what we need even before we ask.
Most of all, we thank you for surrounding us
with the gifts of family and friends –
for their laughter, trust, and love.
Please bless those who couldn’t be with us
yet remain close to our hearts,
and continue to bless and protect us all.
This is our loving prayer to You on this Thanksgiving Day. Amen.

Please join us on Thanksgiving Day for Mass at 8:30am…the best way to start the day!

Your brother in Christ,
Msgr. John