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Word of God Sunday

Just last year Pope Francis declared that the third weekend of each January ought to be dedicated to the fostering of reading, praying, and studying the Sacred Scriptures. Thus, this weekend is the “Word of God” Sunday.

About 10 days ago, I was given one of many of Father Bruce Lavery’s Bibles to hold on to in preparation for it being used at his Funeral Mass. I spent time reading through this very worn Bible….it was highlighted, marked up, written in, and some pages were almost worn through. On the first page, Father Bruce had written: “This is Jesus’ book. I will be asked at my particular judgment: “did you read my book?””

A very good question for each and all of us; this weekend is a time to renew our spiritual lives by resolving to become men and women of the Word. When it comes to the Bible, it can be found in written form, printed form, digital form, and spoken form. You and I can have the Bible at our finger tips in so many, many ways: what is the best way for you to spend time with God’s word?

This weekend’s responsorial psalm challenges us all to pray “teach me your ways, O Lord” (Psalm 25). We will find the Lord’s way in his book. Let’s get busy about reading his book now.

Our parish offers a wonderful weekly Bible study on the readings for the upcoming weekend. Go to our website and be part of it live on Monday evenings or for reference throughout the week. Thanks to Matt Zemanek for his good work for all of us.

Your brother in Christ,
Msgr. John