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Have you ever wanted to get back to basics? Maybe you learned the fundamentals of the faith years ago, or maybe you feel like you never learned them in the first place. Whatever the case may be, we can always benefit from a journey back through a systematic understanding of what we believe as Catholics from a new perspective. Join us on an adventure back to the beginning!

Episode 34: Spirit
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Episode 35: Bonus Q & A Episode!

Video segments will premiere every Sunday morning at 8am in two places:
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The videos will remain posted so you can access them any time throughout the week as well (YouTube will be the best place for this, click the link and then on “Videos” and you should see the most recent videos posted there). They will also be linked on our website and in our weekly Constant Contact e-mails.

These videos will also have a link in the description to a digital and printable outline that includes general points, prayers, discussion and reflection questions, as well as specific challenges or activities to do throughout the week for families with children, for youth, and for adults.

We encourage you to do this with others either in-person or digitally. Invite your family, friends, small group, people from near and far to join you in weekly conversations and experiences to grow in your faith.

Thank you for joining us on this journey back through the basics and contact Matt Zemanek ( if you have any questions!