The current Parish Finance Council has been in place for a good number of years. The purposes of the Finance Council are:

  • To assist and advise the Pastor in matters relating to the evaluation of the material and financial needs of whole parish and all groups therein.
  • To provide a means whereby issues concerning the Finance Council may be discussed with the Pastor.
  • To submit proposals, whether for the parish as a whole and for any group therein, to the Pastor for his consideration.
  • To at all times follow and abide by the values and canonical principles of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • To provide a mechanism for organization, coordination and self government of the Finance Council in harmony with the Pastor and the Parish Pastoral Council
  • To discharge the responsibilities and prerogatives entrusted by Canon Law, the Bishop of Orange, and the Pastor to the Finance Council.

The responsibilities of the Finance Council are:

  • Reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating the financial affairs for the parish and all parish organizations.
  • Making recommendations to the Pastor regarding the establishment, maintenance and ongoing improvement and enforcement of the financial systems of the parish.
  • Evaluating the proper and equitable usage of all parish properties and buildings.
  • Planning, preparing and assisting in the preparation of the parish budget, and the annual report to the people of the parish.
  • Advising the Pastor regarding any acts of extraordinary administration.
  • Other such activities as determined by the Pastor.

Membership on the Finance Council is determined by appointment by the Pastor. As of this writing, the by laws of the Finance Council are being reviewed as to terms of appointment to the Finance Council.

Current members of the Finance Council are: James Skorheim (Chair); Dave Koepke (Vice-chair); Clare Marie Einsmann (Secretary); Christopher Van Ruiten, Al Lubrano, Carole Gabos, Monte Zwieg, Reverend Vincent Pham, and Reverend Monsignor John Urell.