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Parish: (949) 249-4091
Reverend Monsignor John Urell
Parochial Vicar:
Reverend Evan Simington
Rev. Mr. Ken Hobbs

Faith Formation: (949) 495-4126
Director of Children’s Evangelization and Faith Formation:
Andria Marian (949) 249-4054

Director of Youth and Young Adult Evangelization and Faith Formation:
Tanner Jauregui (949) 973-9021

Director of Adult Evangelization and Faith Formation:
Matt Zemanek (949) 973-9025
Faith Formation Administrative Assistant
Kaitlyn Elpedes (949) 495-4126
Administration: (949) 249-4091
Parish Business Manager:
Beverly Fisher
Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper:
Norma Molina
Office Manager:
Debbie Dubeau
Facilities Manager:
Rick Kisow
Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual Director:
Helene Markel
Director Music Ministry:
Bob De Carlo (949) 249-4093
Custodial Staff:
Sheldon Lezama