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The Parish Pastoral Council was established on February 13, 2011. As stated in its Foundational Document, “the Parish Pastoral Council provides the pastor with wise counsel regarding the decisions he must make to provide pastoral, spiritual, and practical leadership for the parish community”. The PPC researches and considers matters related to pastoral activity and formulates practical conclusions concerning them. The PPC studies matters brought to its attention by the pastor; then to review and evaluate all the pertinent information thoroughly and to discern the true nature of the information; finally, then, the PPC presents thoughtful conclusions to the pastor in the form of recommendations.

The PPC is comprised of 9 members: 6 elected from the parish community at large, 3 selected by the pastor, and the pastor himself. The term of office is three years, renewable twice.

The members of the Parish Pastoral Council are:

Patrick Parker (chair), Faye Stroud (secretary), Valerie Celestin, Clare Marie Einsmann, Rick Wlodyga, Sue Quintana, Veronica Nazareth, Patrick Brand, Michele Richards and Msgr. John Urell. The ex-officio members are Father Vincent Pham and Deacon Ken Hobbs. The PPC meets monthly (except for August and December).

Parish Pastoral Council Minutes